Introducing Wilhelmina

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Wilhelmina is my name here. You may address me as Willy (or Billy) for short please. It’s a name I chose many months ago when searching for a certain anonymity. It was not a name chosen in gest. It was well thought-out. Wilhelmina comes from German. It is a combination of will, desire, and helmet, protection…. A truly perfect fit for me as I venture out into the cyberworld. I have a will to connect, communicate, to write, yet the need to protect my self, my selves. I consider Willy much as my cyber tinfoil cap, that will protect my mind from alien invasions, demon posessions or otherwise from unwanted scorching from known or unknown sources. This blog is a travel blog. Those who know me know that I keep a journal, that that journal is important to me, filling the function of clearing out the cobwebs in my mind. When things get too dusty the spiders start tickling a bit too much. The past two years have been particularly difficult for me. So the journal has become more important still. It records thoughts, it sorts them, it threads them together, spits them out when too unpalatable and in general keeps me upright and functioning. For reasons that I know and understand, I’ve come to call this more recent journal keeping “Notes from the prison of the mind”. However, we’ve decided to travel outside of the mind a bit, encounter others, attempt a ‘between’ in the Buber sense. It’s healthy and good for the mind even if dauntingly vulnerable making… hence, Wilhelmina. The travels are still quite inward unfortunatley, through the tunnels of the mind, but we do exit into the light every once and a while and it’s quite lovely out there. The desire is that we will leave the tunnels more and more. After all, life as a mother, a wife, a foreigner in Paris is quite beautiful too, and warrants exploration. This blog starts with a trip to Hungary and Slovenia, stopping in Strasbourg where I lived for many years, crossing through Germany and Austria on East. But we start in Paris.


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4 Responses to Introducing Wilhelmina

  1. Deborah says:

    thank you for sharing your journey with me. I understand some of the thoughts and decisions to get on the metaphorical and literal bike again and welcome you to the journey. I would also like to support your self care: your decision to wear your helmet but not full on body armor. You are a maginificent spirt, strength be with you to keep shining and sharing more of it with yourself and loved ones. As often as I can be i am right here riding next to you looking out, laughing, singing, screaming, letting go and letting in…

    • you are now officially my first comment. that’s so exciting! and somehow very appropriate. and your comments don’t get posted to the world it seems so there is still some privacy… I think. I can feel myself pulling down that tinfoil cap, right down around the ears, the foil wrapping around the lobes, I even hear the metallic creasing, and my teeth gnash a bit. No full on body armor indeed – I feel naked flying down the road on that bike. Thank you so much for being there. It is so wonderful to ride with a friend who knows…

      • Comment to a question asked by email. Yes, you can also call me Billy. Probably better than Willy in fact, for reasons the English understand well. Though Willy also means cyclone in Australian. That’s good too. The storm in the mind contained with a tinfoil cap…

    • Hello Deborah, Less than a week into the blogosphere and I’ve decided to keep comments private. Oooh… are those noxious micro waves seeping in under the cap? It’s a good thing all the texts were written in advance. Not sure I’d be too inspired to keep all this up. I’m learning quite a lot though. Already figured out the connexion between Kierkegaard’s non responsibility in the crowd and the internet… And that’s saying a lot since I’ve never read Kierkegaard. Love to you.

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