Austria or intensive tunnel exposure therapy

Tunnels, tunnels, tunnels carved through the Alps.  No jagged skyline.  Road soaked in rain and fog.  Only reprieve to be found in long, dark, humid tunnels, 500m lang, 2,5 km lang, 5,4 km lang, 7,3 km lang, 10,2 km lang.  The progression was hypnotic. The kindly Austrians inform regularly of your advance.  As you penetrate, no radio down here. Deep, deep, deep. Breath, breath, breath.  Hold nose and go down for the plunge. Music through water. Breath, breath, breath.


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2 Responses to Austria or intensive tunnel exposure therapy

  1. For all you weary web travelers wandering about looking for the light at the end of the tunnel try to remember that one of the special things about a tunnel is you get yourself in and you get yourself out. Try to see it just as it is, a reprieve from whatever it is that you are running from, not the darkness swallowing, but the darkness protecting. Velvet, soft and caring. I have yet to see a tunnel closed at the other end. Hypnotic, confusing, long, bending, worrying, scary, yes. But always always a path to new things. The best advice I can give, beyond tunnel exposure therapy of course, is don’t stop in the middle. And perhaps don’t just look for, or long for the end. Take a look around and explore what you see while crossing under whatever difficult bits of life have pushed you inward and forward to explore. No matter how frightening, no matter how long, you carry with you all the light you need inside. Use it, let it guide you, till it opens up all that you have been waiting for, all that you have needed but have been too busy looking elsewhere to find. Good luck!

  2. AND… if you’re not the musing type, get yourself a book or two to read while you travel the dark road. Here are some that are helpful with exposing yourself to whatever it is you fear :
    Or browse inside the book immediately at :

    Or if that one doesn’t get you exposing yourself to all sorts of scary things, try this one :
    Or read about it in the oh so medical way at :
    Or take your mind and tame it to the moment with :
    Or for those of you who don’t like to read, check out this video on mindfullness (no it’s not a cult nor an Eastern yoga approach that demands you wear a white gown and meditate to the red spot on the forhead of some intriguing guru, though if you like that stuff feel free)
    Here is Jon Kabbat-Zinn at Google doing his thing :

    And of course there is more, tons and tons more. There are a million ways to tunnel exposure therapy if you look out and around you. A million ways to live with and without fear. Explore one, explore them all, but most importantly, continue living while you’re at it! And move onward, forward, or even inward if you must, but never stop moving.

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