Zalakaros, Hungary

The sky is lightening a bit. I hear the water outside. The visit has been quite good. We’ve done something different and new everyday. Lets talk backwards. Yesterday – Thursday, was Badascony. Wednesday czerda. Tuesday kidd was Hevis. Monday was Aqualand at Zalakaros. Sunday was Castelny or something like that. We’ve been quite active and the visits have been quite exotic. Water everywhere. Ta loves the 38°C pool in Aqualand best. She also says she loves the thermal lake at Hevis, the biggest thermal lake in Europe going 40 meters down into the Earth, all dark and oily and hot, hot, hot. She has this predelection for hot water. The tiny little thing, she shivers all the way through when in cold water. And Ra has drawn a beautiful fresque of our visit.

Ra's Hungary

He’s such a special boy. The sky is lightening up. Its going from a deep dark black to a dark bluish purple. Where is the sun that it tinges the sky so delicatley? How does the sun do that? I mean with all its firey bright yellows and oranges, how does the sun take black and turn it into dark bluish purple? To ponder till the end of time, me, an old lady, wondering how the sun does this. It is a lovely bluish purple. We are lucky.


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