Hevis, Hungary

We visited Hevis yesterday. Crazy exotic. All these Hungarians floating around in hot, dirty, lily pad water.  Straight up from the center of the Earth they say. It’s heat from the Earth’s magma pushing up to the surface. Some type of strange geological phenomenon that results in dark, hot water with gorgeous lily pads. Over all, the atmosphere is calm, almost medicinal, the average age 70ish. Many of them limp or have skin soars. Doesn’t sound very appetizing at first but then you need the whole picture. These old people are of all shapes and sizes, floating around in multicolored buoys. They float lazily in the water almost as little babies would float, though far less vigourously. At one moment, when I managed to be alone with my own buoy in the water, I could hear probably about 50 different conversations going on at once in at least five different languages, Hungarian of course, quite a bit of French, German of course and then quite a bit of Russian.  Hard to forget such a place. The water has this thick lubricant feel to it.  The lily pads were absolutely gorgeous, though forbidden to touch. Ta and Ra had a blast. First in the thick water then in the special kiddy pool just for their size


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