Bled, Slovenia – A perfect day

Went for a walk up a mountain path with Ra and Ta today. Ra bouncing ahead in some imaginary war scene, having a great thrill, while Ta talked non-stop about one thing or another. She was a bit afraid too, kept questioning whether she’d be able to breath. Then she was aftraid of falling backwards as we were climbing, or falling forwards as descending. She looked just like Little Red Riding Hood, wearing the red velvet cape I had made for her. She was adorable, so very beautiful with her tiny hand in mine. Then Ra and I went out for our dirt bike ride. It was loads of fun. Ra made me fall in a dirt puddle, wet up to my knees. We ventured onto paths that no longer were, so overgrown, like riding through a jungle. Ra chanting the theme song to Indiana Jones. I saw the joy in his face. It was a perfect day really.



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One Response to Bled, Slovenia – A perfect day

  1. julia says:

    Oh, my–these words brought me great joy! I was there with you–watching, listening, smiling, laughing–this is a memory for the future. Thank you.

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