2011, the year of doubles.

2011, the year of doubles, double ones, double u’s, double me’s. Wilhelmina will split here, a neat and tidy bifurcation in the road. One path will continue on in the present, meandering slowly (very slowly, we’re quite busy with life!) in and out of short tunnels, hopefully with few tolls to pay and some interesting sights to see. The other path will venture back, a distant exposure to the deep, dark tunnels where it all began, though there is no beginning nor ending to such tunnels. They go on and on, a layer of intricate tunnels that are entwined with themselves in an often autistic song of love and hate. Not sure there is any real motion forwards or backwards in fact. Some are simple dead ends, cold and mossy. Others are spirals, spinning and spinning the unwary down into a deep well, too slippery to climb out.  http://wilhelminatellingtales.wordpress.com/

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Caveat lector, no guarantee you will get out with ease. It took Wilhelmina years, and even now she’s going back. Why? Well, she was told that truth doesn’t matter. A fact she found both unsettling and desperately liberating. So now she wants to tell stories, tall, tall stories of small, small importance. There will be no truth nor lies in what she says, just stories. Often disconnected and gasping as the unseemly ends are joined, nothing smooth or plotted in any way and nary a hero to speak of. However, there will be a woman and a girl. A child will also appear, a small child that Wilhelmina will weave in and out of scary tunnels. As the three move forwards and backwards, the woman will sometimes take the hand of the child to lead her on. The child, strangely the philosopher of the three, will sometimes reassure the woman with her wise understandings of life. The girl will sometimes play at being all grown up, traipsing about in the high heels left carelessly behind by the woman as she cares for the child. They will all be woven into a tapestry where woman, girl and child may perhaps finally unite, and travel back to now. But again, there’s no real guarantee of that. As clearly stated above, there may not be an exit to the tunnels.  http://wilhelminatellingtales.wordpress.com/

After all, we never found the entrance.


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