Well golly!

In honor of the 1001st visit to my blog I must, most definitely must, post just a bit of something, anything, in honor.  But time.  Where is it?  How can it be so slow and yet speed up the moment I sit to task?  Not fair, not fair at all, the time master.  I must admit I have things to post, lots and lots of things to post.  I did travel this summer.  Oh and I saw things and did things and wrote many many things. But being a disorganized one, I had hoped to organize before posting.  But given that time is all but sympathetic with my plight, I must, simply must, post random bits in a chaotic order of no intent. So as I do so, I’ll honor another, a writer that I find fascinating, David Foster Wallace and his Random Bits.  And why not?  I can do whatever I want. It’s my blog.  Then I’ll go with the extreme disorder in my mind, choosing random bitten off bits from a world I too observe sometimes and find amusement in, when I take the time, all to rare, to wander outside, the tunnels, tunnels everywhere.

I really really like this guy.  Sad he no longer is around, but all the more reason to honor I suppose.


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